Djedi templar

About the Space

Our intention this year is to co-create with the workshop coordinators in a more dynamic way than ever. Previous years we have filled the majority of the days with interactive work/playshops. This year we want to open up a dialogue for those who wish to have their skills and knowledge shared, but maybe haven’t had the platform to do it. If you are over understaffed or need extra space for a yoga class? Well provide a carpeted interior, microphone, and speakers.

The camp will have TWO temple keepers at all times, with support lines via radio. We will provide shade, and a safe, sober place to relax during the day, and have interactive areas for knowledge and reflection while workshops aren’t taking place.


Djedi templar came together in 2013 as an artist collective set on bridging people at festivals and community events, offering a platform for education and growth. The structure provides reflection on multiple levels of experience, embodying and empowering the human being to engage in fierce play and radical self awareness.