DJ Diabeats

Diabeats is a live DJ. When he performs he is sure to bring some sort of live aspect to his sets, whether it be scratching, turntablism, finger drumming, live looping, or sample manipulation and composition, he is sure to create a raw energy with his performance that gets the crowd going unlike any other DJ. Cloaked in black, diabeats’ musical style ranges all over the spectrum with influences from Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Funk, Reggae Dubs, Hip Hop and Trap, bringing you an experience of sound not bound by any genre. Diabeats has performed alongside acts such as Spark Arrester, Random Rab, Eliot Lipp, Dillon Francis, Lapa from Emancipator, Goldini Bagwell and illmaculate just to name a few. With Diabeats mind set on the future, he is continuing to grow as an artist and a musician, focusing on his live performances as well as his original music and time in the studio, be sure to keep an eye out for Diabeats in the future.

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