De Lune Deluge

One February morning Vanessa arrived in New Orleans with all her possessions. Mardi Gras was just peaking. She arrived with a sack of songs and dreams and a vision. Almost right away she met her moon brothers, Collin and Dustin, a drummer and a bassist that had long been playing together. Both Louisiana natives, their intuitive style complemented Vanessa’s unusual and complex guitar playing. A band was born, and they played their first show in May 2013.
They began to play shows around the city, and made a quick EP to take on their first tour out west in August 2013. A year later they were ready to record a full-length. Recording began in December 2014, live to tape, and then with a lovely array of overdubs- instruments and ethereal harmonies bringing the songs to life in a new way “Honeycomb” was released in May 2016.

The songs are often described as dream-stories, each a journey of it’s own, with Vanessa’s unique voice guiding the way. She likes to fit uncommon melodies into her chords. The sound can be intimately delicate one moment, and fiercely strong the next, all while maintaining a beautiful dissonance and groove. Lyrics are very important, and Vanessa crafts them with great intention, from deep within her but also incorporating the mysterious, mad, and beautiful swamp-city they dwell in.
Since Honeycomb’s release, they’ve been writing into new territory- songs born organically, while jamming together (not pre-written by V). They’ve got 5 or 6 new songs not on the album, and are constantly freshening bits of other songs, adding loops and ethereal segments here and there. Lately Vanessa has added a loop/delay pedal to her vocals, and is playing a lot more flute. A visual component is integrated into the live set, enhancing the dream-like feel.