Dayna Seraye

Dayna is devoted to cultivating the path of the heart through the sacred body temple. For over a decade she has led transformational events nationally and internationally, including sacred pilgrimages, yoga classes, immersions and trainings, and healing ceremony. An artist at heart, Dayna weaves yoga and embodiment practices, the power of sound and song, and energy medicine into her teaching.

Dayna began her inquiry into healing and shamanism as a child and has spent her life immersed in the arts of sacred embodiment, ceremony, and the quest for personal and global healing. As a maiden she fell in love with earth-based spirituality and has studied various lineages including South American indigenous traditions, esoteric Christianity, ambien online reviews African ritual, Native American practices and Celtic mysticism. She blends these wisdom traditions with her study and practice of yoga, offering heart-centered journeys of embodied healing and transformation.

Dayna is the co-founder of Hanuman Adventures and Hanuman Academy and she loves the opportunity to take students deeper in their practice. Her passion is working with women to awaken the priestess/medicine woman within, reclaim the sacred practices of the feminine and discover purpose and greater service.

Workshop Name: Shakti as the River of Love
Join Dayna for a sacred journey to embody the wisdom and medicine of Shakti, the feminine force of the universe. We will explore the archetypal energies of Shakti as power, surrender, grace & creative self-expression through a flow of asana, mantra, mudra and earth-based practices. Through sankapla (intention) we will tap into our soul wisdom and liberate our creative life-force.