Couch Jackets

Couch Jackets, born and bred in the heart of the great Natural State, currently hail from Conway, Arkansas. They’ve toured the south and mid-west, and are ready to explore Colorado! The band keeps a variety of sound in their set, influenced by the diverse repertoire of music the four members listen to (including artists like The Beatles, Alabama Shakes, The Beach Boys, The Flaming Lips, ). Their last album, Sincerely, Swimtrunks, hosts a blend of genre-hopping, groovy and bluesy, psychedelically inclined, punkfunk, alt-rock with an occasional pop twist. This group of dudes, born and bred in the great Natural State, have soul and talent to match.
They recently completed a brief tour, performing at Sweetwater HQ in Indiana, The Bob in Grand Rapids, Michigan and various venues along the way. At the end of this week, the Jackets will open for indie-pop legends The Octopus Project in Hot Springs, AR. They are looking for touring opportunities throughout the summer. They will perform at Homegrown in the River alongside acts like Steep Canyon Rangers, White Denim, Tauk, Son Volt, Tall Tall Trees.
My name is Sam Smith and I’ve worked with local bands in Arkansas and Texas for the past two years. I currently book and tour manage for Couch Jackets, along with 3 other Arkansas-based bands. Some of the musicians I’ve worked with include Handmade Moments, The Whole Famn Damily, The Matchsellers, Calliope Musicals, and Trouble in the Streets. I’ve worked with Nick Sumbles on a local music festival in Central Arkansas called Flux, which we are all very dedicated to and passionate about. Nick volunteered with Arise last year- he coordinated the art gallery to which I was invited to volunteer-but couldn’t attend due to schedule conflicts. I’ve heard so many good things about Arise Music Festival and I’m hoping to take part this year, whether as a volunteer or with the Couch Jackets. Thank you for your consideration.