Corinne Kaufman

Corinne Kaufman is a Master Level Licensed Social Worker, specializing in the treatment of individuals, children, adolescents and their families. Corinne graduated from Miami University with a dual Bachelors degree in Social Work and Family Studies. She continued her education at University of Cincinnati and completed the Masters Social Work program. Since graduation Corinne has been employed as a mental health provider and worked in a variety of environments including foster homes, psychiatric hospitals, court rooms, and local cheap ambien for sale Cincinnati Schools. Corinne takes a holistic and solutions based approach when working with clients. She empowers and challenges clients to change negative thinking and behavioral patterns through self-introspection in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Workshop Name Finding Yin within the Yang

Stress management workshop focused on understanding the response our body has mentally, emotionally, and physically under stress. Brief discussion on anxiety and trauma and how they effect the mind and body. Learn how to use realistic and holistic practices everyday to treat daily stress. Participants will receive instructions and materials in workshop to make a stress reliever toy.