Chelsey Walton

Chelsey Walton, more commonly known as Chel. She is currently a certified Kripalu yoga instructor since June 2014, with continuing education hours focused in guided mediation, dharma, extensive proper alignment. She currently teaches and has been teaching Kriplau yoga for 1.5 years at Yoga High Denver and is working towards her Reiki level 3 certification.

In yoga teacher training, she learned how to become mirror images of one another and dove deeply into non-violent communication and active listening exercises, which, she has since felt a very strong connection and inspiration to share with today’s society. While in Reiki level 1 she spent an extended amount of time getting to know their own personal energy by solely practicing healing techniques on ourselves.

While in search of her dharma, a new idea came to her of how to combine her favorite and most influential aspects of every training into one workshop. The strong connection she feels to this will help her to connect and teach others given the opportunity to do so.

Being that Arise is not only one of the most influential and transformational festival experiences she has had. The connections made, have ultimately led her to where she is today.

Workshop Name Connections and Reflections

Calling all empaths, truth givers and seekers, listeners and speakers, those who need healing and healers. We are reflections in mirrors. Everyone is welcome to take this journey of remembrance- of who we are, where we came from and why we are here. We live during a pivotal time in history, a time of immense separation a time where the art of communication is becoming lost. It is not by chance that we’re all here- to break the cycle and remember that we’re all one. Join me on the path to truth through mindfulness. Heal yourself first and learn the tools you can carry into daily life.

In this workshop we will, first, be diving into a guided meditation used to both wash away energetic residue that has accumulated with time as well as creating a light shield that is meant to protect what is yours, energetically. This meditation will allow you to proceed with no fear of giving or absorbing energy to/ from another. We will then move into allowing ourselves to open to the law of attraction. Experience a series of short exercises designed to take you back in order to move forward. I believe that before we incarnated these bodies we each made soul agreements to show up on each other’s paths at the exact time we were meant to learn a lesson. Our higher selves are always working up there so we can do the work down here.

How would it feel to be guided by removing sight, tapping into intuition? Connecting to a being energetically, feeling their energy before seeing the physical body. How would it feel to deepen this through touch? Joining spirit and body. By removing sight we are able to tap into our other sense more deeply. Moving forward by inviting in the sense of sight. Gaze into the gateway to the soul and use each other as mirrors. Explore what comes up.

The final exercise will be that of Non-violent communication and active listening. Experience being allowed to complete a full thought without interruption, having your words reflected back in order to know whether they come from a space of truth.

Practice techniques to hold space for someone without attachment to their situation. It is up to us to bring balance back to the world we live in. Bring unity in a time of separation, light to darkness, and our truth to break through the lies.