Charlie Angelo, Mirrors of Self



Charlie Angelo is a student of nature and traditions of old. He has completed Vision Fasts in the California desert and the mountains of Colorado, and believes them to be amongst the most powerful tools available for growth and transformation. He has studied and experienced this work and its accompanying practices with teachers from North and South America, with the School of Lost Borders, and with Naropa University.

Workshop Description: 

In this workshop, we will take what is known as a medicine walk in nature (festival nature!). This is done with specific questions or intentions, listening and watching for insights or answers from the natural world. We will then return to the circle to explore deep listening to and reflecting back of individual stories/experiences with the land. We will sit together in community, within a proven, supportive framework of practices and of heartfelt, respectful communication. This formula will allow each of us to see more clearly our personal stories & myths, our goals & obstacles, and our personal medicine through the mirrors of nature and of other.

Please join me for an exploration of self through relationship with the land and other people. This workshop is for those interested in exploring and gaining clarity about their journey through life and supporting others to do the same. This is done using time-tested tools of relating with nature and community. Participants will walk away with tools that they can continue to use to know themselves