Carly Padilla & Jeremiah Sandridge

Jeremiah Sandridge and Carly Padilla are both educated in permaculture, biodynamic farming, mycology and holistic health. This duo invest their skills and passion in to reconnecting webs of communication: from the micro to the macro. They also enjoy co-creating sustainable ways of living and strengthening, healing and nourishing their bodies and DNA. By using probiotics and Jurassic minerals they set out to do just this. Join their workshop and learn how you can better communicate with yourself and the Earth, reverse your carbon footprint and access your highest genetic potential.

Workshop Name Hyphae for Humanity: Reconnecting the Webs of Communication: From the Micro to the Macro

Have you ever thought of all the physiological messages being sent throughout your body? Or how they mirror the things you choose to consume? To go even further did you know that the microorganisms responsible for all of it could be directly linked to environmental sustainability? Even to unlocking codons in DNA?

In this workshop learn about the important role probiotics and fungi play in neurotransmission of all living things. Hear about their unique jobs and why it is important. Also be informed on what living soil is and what its relation to the web of communication.

Another key topic to listen in on is environmental sustainability. In this section learn about recycling your green waste into bioavailable nutrients in 10 to 14 days. And know how this can reverse our carbon. To top all that greatness off, hear about all the wonderful things probiotics are doing for genetics. Listen in on unlocking flavors in plants and creating pathogen resistance in organisms, the water and the land. If remediating the planet, accessing your highest potential, drinking clean water, breaking communication barriers, growing more nutrient dense food and better tasting cannabis seem it at all appealing; than this workshop is for you! Please join Jeremiah and Carly of Hyphae for Humanity and Innovative Organics discussion. Help us break ground like hyphae and push through to a future of higher Consciousness and sustainability.