Breaking It Down: Unveiling Electronic Production w/ David Satori (Beats Antique & Dirtwire)

Friday, August 4th: 5:45 – 6:45pm

Big Sunrise Dome

Come be a part of an intimate performance and discussion with multi-instrumentalist and music producer David Satori of Beats Antique on electronic music production.

David Satori, born in Burlington, Vermont in 1979, brings experience with many different styles of world music to the collaborative drawing board of Beats Antique and Dirtwire. He began playing buy ambien greece music while at Burlington High School, and graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a degree in music performance and composition. The styles combined to create Beats Antique’s sound are a union of old and new inspirations. There are infusions of Middle Eastern belly dance music, down tempo, hip-hop, old school jazz, clown, afro-beat, and many styles of electronic music. Dirtwire sits on the back porch of Americana’s future, conjuring up a whirlwind of sound using traditional instrumentation, world percussion, soundscapes, and electronic beats.