Booster Blake, Men’s Lodge Host; Tools for Successful Relationships w/Erin Keely

Men’s Lodge Host

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Booster Blake is devoted to building awareness and cultivating respect for all humans through the practices of authentic relating and sacred brotherhood. For over ten years, he has brought men’s groups, workshops, and healing practices to the festival community. His straightforward yet compassionate presentation style reaches audience members of all ages and backgrounds, offering practical approaches to elevating our expectations of the world we live in. He can be reached on social media (Facebook) for personal training and public speaking.

Workshop Name & Location: 

Men’s Group

Daily 1:00pm, Men’s Lodge

The Visceral Experience of Relating 

Friday 5pm,Yoga Sanctuary


Practical Tools for Successful Relationships – a Live Satsang, with Erin Keely 

Friday 7:15-8:30 pm, Air Temple Community Gathering Place

~Come, sit, listen and participate in a discussion regarding the challenges facing relationships in today’s society. How do we balance our individual needs for freedom and expression with our desire for safety and security? How do we communicate what we most deeply want without hurting our partner or damaging the relationship? What can lovers do to reignite passion when routine begins to erode the magic that was once so present? How do we know when we’re operating from codependent or love-avoidant patterns and what do we do if we suspect our partner is engaging that way? Erin and Booster will share from their knowledge in non-violent communication, authentic relating, and their own experience with relationships to offer the clearest solutions and best practices they’ve garnered from years of living in a community as pioneers in revolutionary relating.

Erin Keely 

~ I have an inspiring life story of tenacity that began with studying climate change in Antarctica for my Master’s in Civil Engineering and then took a sudden turn with the suicide of my brother in 2002. Instead of going on to complete my PhD, I decided to dedicate my life to human service. Over the years I have immersed myself in a multidisciplinary education that includes the sciences, psychology, relationships, yoga and meditation, anthropology and education. This has brought me full-circle, back to the STEM industry (and yoga industry). I now offer systemic and individual solutions to one of our most pressing cultural problems: isolation and depression that roots in a lack of understanding how to engage meaningful human connection.

I am a lover of life and hope that my way of being is contagious. I expect nothing less for myself than the right to feel vividly awake, without facade, in every moment of every day. And this way of being is what fuels me to be here, ready to serve you on your own journey towards engaging with the life that you yearn for too.