Bhakti Chai

Bhakti Chai founder Brook Eddy traveled to India in 2002 to study a social justice movement based on Bhakti (or devotion through social action). Along the way, she fell in love with the aroma and flavor of the spicy masala chai ubiquitous to northern India. Upon her return to the U.S., Brook was unable to find the spicy fresh chai that she had enjoyed during her travels so she began brewing her own at home. When her homemade brew gained attention (and even addiction) from friends and neighbors, she decided to take the principles of Bhakti that she had learned in India and build a company on this ideal.

At Bhakti Chai, they feel honored to know that the premium they pay on their ingredients — whether it’s Fair Trade Certified tea, organic ginger or Non-GMO Verified soy — is establishing a standard of self-sufficiency on a global level. In addition, from zero waste manufacturing to sustainable packaging, Bhakti Chai incorporates conscious practices into every aspect of its business.

We are more than excited to have Bhakti Chai as a beloved sponsor of this year’s ARISE Music Festival!