A DJ, by the name of BenditoBBass, born Benjamin J Joseph, was raised in Brooklyn, NY. Being in a household full of musicians, who were also working in the medical field, has allowed him to see music as medicine for those who love good music. Growing up as a kid, he learned to play the keyboard, drums and later on bass guitar, which has allowed him to play for several bands, including playing bass guitar for Marco Foster, who is signed to Celebrity star, Flo Rida. Music has allowed BenditoBBass, to even push to an higher level in becoming a DJ Artist, which allowed him to becoming even more creative in creating EDM/Pop/Trap/dance music, and performing music for those around him. All he ever wanted to do was find ways to bless not only his friends, but fans and those who support him, and those who will soon be able to know of him. Taking his passion, he wants to be the coolest DJ Artist, with a different sound, with a different purpose, and with a different style to uplift, encourage, and inspire people all over the world to become great and stay positive in everything we all do in life. BenditoBBass is just that guy who is just fun, energetic, and multi-talented musician that loves to share his music and he’s not going to let anyone or anything stop him from achieving his goal.