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Bay Bryan

Bay Bryan is a singer/songwriter and performance artist currently based in Golden, CO where he grew up! Previous to moving back to his home state, he lived & loved in NYC as well as Glasgow before that –where he studied Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland! His music can be described as a fusion of folk/soul/theatrical-pop, with vocals likened to artists such as Laura Marling, Jeff Buckley and John Legend. He is incredibly passionate about social justice, equality, sustainability and the continued transcendence of human consciousness. From writing/performing his own music, to touring his most recent solo-show Growing into My Beard, to composing music for the award-winning animation The Walker (by Heather Collins; Produced by Matt Groening), Bay’s ultimate passion lies in story —He wants to tell the exceptional ones, and he wants to tell them well… check out his website for more at