Hip-hop fans that are weary of trendy, overly produced, beat-of-the-week MCs deserve better. Denver based BackseaTherapy is the lifeblood of Colorado’s sustainably thriving hip-hop community. Acknowledging quintessential roots from rhythm ‘n’ blues to fusion jazz, this amalgamation of influences breeds fresh beats that are refreshingly distinct, contributing to the exciting resurgence of the conscious hip-hop movement. The duo of Christopher Williams and Robert Thomason represents over twenty-five years of collective musical experience. Williams, born and bred in Louisiana, has a background as a trumpeter and gigs as bouxku_jones in addition to his collaborations ambien online with mastercard with Thomason, an experienced Denver-area drummer of over a decade also performs under the moniker Redhanded. These two artists are building momentum together in their most ambitious efforts to date as BackseaTherapy. With Thomason on turn tables and Williams groundbreaking rhymes the two take the musicality of their collective pasts with sincere conviction to bring you something entirely organic. Fans can look forward to the duos release of a brand new EP due out mid 2017. The duo has expanded their stage performance with a live band when the setting fits. With the live addition, Backseatherapy is ready to perk some ears and turn some heads in 2017.