Avery Ryder Turner

Avery Ryder Turner is a performing artist and arts movement poet and facilitator who works construction by day. Ryder has dabbled in many movement forms as well as performing arts, however, for the past four years he has been smitten with Contact Improvisation. Ryder is interested in the intersection of dance, poetry, and philosophy. The question he lives with is how does dancing reveal who we are and how we participate in life and how to make adjustments in our dancing to be more of the human we’d like to be in life? When he isn’t dreaming of dancing and creating performances, he is gardening, cooking, creating ferments, building, and parenting. He is thrilled to be embarking on his M.F.A. candidacy in dance at CU Boulder this Fall. He lives in a sweet cottage near Nederland, CO with his partner Angie, his son Atlas, and their dog, Loki