From a small chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific, with dreams of reaching the biggest platforms this world has to offer, and the need to change the world ATMOS was created. His primary goal is to give listeners a spiritual escape from reality through his fiery passion of music and by creating an atmosphere of happiness and togetherness. He knew this goal would not be an easy one with no music background or lessons. He then buy generic ambien online no prescription self-taught himself through hard work and dedication to be the DJ and artist he is today. That dedication continues to grow every day of his life as he is constantly working on new music, sound design, and ways to incorporate and blend new styles of music to create his sound that is unique to him. Every DJ set that ATMOS produces is filled with non-stop energy and passion while telling a story through the art of dance music. Out of it all the most important thing to him is his fans because without them there is no ATMOS. Check out his sound below and look out for new releases on his Soundcloud.