Arianna Casey, Air Temple Host

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Air Temple Host
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Arianna is hosting the Air Temple Community Gathering Space. She is open-minded in communication, innovation, and creative thought. Sharing knowledge and insight through storytelling is one of her favorite forms of connection. She is unafraid to be wrong in pursuit of truth so speak up and tell her your story, your truth, it will be taken with compassion and an adaptation to her own pool of learning. Networking and collective conscious communications will have a safe space for expression in her presence. Personally she attends inikagapi ceremonies, practices intention, and pursues sustainable living. She is apart of the LGBT+ community in life, discussion, and theater.

Arianna is an Anthropology Major, recently graduating from CSU last spring. Anthropology is the general ‘study of people’ from all eras and theoretical backgrounds. Arianna specifically focused on medical, mental health, indigenous, youth, and justice. Experience has led her to these interests. She has traveled for her studies, bringing back bits of knowledge from various cultures. She worked as an intern for a probation office that specifically focused on providing services to mental health clients in hopes to empower them to live sustainably outside of the justice system. With this background in justice, she will also be available for the Unitive Justice Circle tent and answering any inquiry on what this form of justice is all about.

Workshop Name & Location: Unitive Justice Workshop

Friday 2:00pm-3:20pm, Wisdom Village/Youth Temple
Unitive Justice as founded by Sylvia Clute is a system for creating a parallel model of justice based on love, not retribution or getting even. In our UJ workshops, we will be introducing 12 structures of our established punitive justice system with 12 structural elements of unitive justice to examine new models and implement new tools for living. UJ is grounded on certain principles that emphasize the following: -Community strength and self-empowerment. -Consensual participation and equality/inclusiveness. -Values, such as trust, honesty, discernment and lovingkindness. -Achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.