Andrea Long


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~Would you like to conjure the spirits while honoring the Feminine? Now is your chance to learn amazing ceremonial songs that are appropriate to sing with your canupa (Pipe), in an inipi (sweat lodge), or anywhere that you are calling upon the Spirits in a responsible way (without the influence of intoxicants). These are not just songs but powerful medicine so be wise and don’t underestimate what is possible!

Join in the sacred Red Tent of Wisdom Village in a collective transcendental symphony of the Divine Feminine. These Ceremonial Women’s songs are in the Lakota language and are truly a gift for women to share with one another. Let’s rise together again in joyful prayers for all of our relations! Andrea welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds to share in harmonious prayers as beings naturally connected to the Crescent Moon Goddess.

To listen to songs that are on Andrea’s new album, Sacred Face and will be sung for this workshop click here: Sample songs. For those of you who wish to learn them prior to our gathering so you may really sing them strong, they may be purchased by way of digital download or CD here: Purchase songs. See you there!