Anara Lani, The Language of Intimacy


Anari Lani is an Embodiment Coach, Somatic Sex Educator, and purveyor of beauty. She works with individuals, couples and groups, and is devoted to living in freedom so that she can help others do the same. Her toolbox is filled with frameworks gathered from a lifetime of curiosity and practice. Some of her trainings include Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Sexuality, Way Of Mastery Facilitation, Shamanic Healing and Somatic Sexological Bodywork. She weaves her personal experiences of growth into a practical approach to access body wisdom through presence, breath, and movement. Anara helps people feel safe while exploring their often avoided parts, by teaching tangible ways to hear what our body is always telling us. She also specializes in helping people feel their generative life force and learning how to embrace it freely.

Workshop Name & Location: The Language of Intimacy

Saturday 2:30-3:50pm, Men’s Lodge

~The idea of asking for what you want from your lover can sometimes cause even the most confident of us to freeze. Our past experiences tell us that it may not be safe to reveal our deepest desires, especially if we feel like what we want is perceived as strange or that what we are asking for is too much. Please join Anara Lani for an open forum discussion about desire, communication and trust. We will be listening in to our bodies, feeling what we really want, and noticing what holds us back from expressing it.