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Allyson Feiler 

Allyson Feiler, better known as Ally was born in 1987 in Miami, Florida. Feiler attended Miami Palmetto High School (National Honors Society) and graduated from the University of Florida (Magna Cum Laude). Feiler earned her B.A. in Business Marketing in only two and a half years and received her Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida Business School in 2010.

During her time at The University of Florida Feiler was an Ambassador to the Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation where she satisfied her infinite appetite to learn about entrepreneurship and business by being an Ambassador to some of the most successful entrepreneurs to visit the campus.

Feiler also worked part time as a tutor for the University of Florida Athletic Association where she helped many National Championship winning athletes in Economics and varied business classes. She was also an active member of the Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, at one point acting as the Vice President of Professional Development.

Beginning in 2009 before even receiving her Masters Degree, Feiler teamed up with The Village Green Society in Boulder Colorado, a caregiver center (now a dispensary) and was remotely working on their marketing while finishing her Master’s degree at UF. It was this relationship that initially got her involved in the industry and that propelled her to be a pioneer in the marijuana industry. In 2010 upon finishing her Masters Degree Feiler moved to Boulder, Colorado already dipping her feet in the Cannabis industry but also considering attending law school; however she decided to defer from the Colorado University and immerse herself fully in the emerging medical marijuana industry. In 2010, Feiler became a partner in the Village Green Society (voted best dispensary in Boulder) one of the first dispensaries in Colorado history.

Later Feiler and her partners sold The Village Green Society and she partnered with Natures Medicine, one of the first cannabis franchisors in the state. Soon thereafter Feiler became the CEO of the Natures Medicine Corporation but as the laws regarding the Cannabis industry in Colorado changed she transitioned from the franchise setup to a vertically integrated, solely owned business by the name of Green Tree Medicinals.

By mid 2010, Feiler had sold her shares of the Village Green Society and became the sole owner and operator of two dispensaries in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado as well as opened one of Colorado’s first lawful cultivation facilities. In 2013 after a 2 year state wide moratorium on new businesses was lifted she opened her third dispensary and grow operation in Berthoud, Colorado and branded the entire company as Green Tree Medicinals. In 2014 she opened her fourth dispensary and grow operation in the Denver suburb of Northglenn and added retail (“recreational”) sales to Green Tree Medicinals. In 2016 Feiler bought and opened a new location in Longmont, Colorado and opened both her Longmont and Boulder stores for retail sales. Today Feiler has 7 store licenses, 7 cultivation licenses, and 2 extraction licenses for a total of 16 operational licenses throughout Colorado. Green Tree Medicinals produces and dispenses over 500 pounds of all-natural Cannabis monthly.

Feiler is a marijuana industry pioneer and one of the most active, experienced, and highly respected entrepreneurs in the industry. She has always required her businesses to strictly obey all laws. She remains an advocate for the benefits of medical marijuana. Feiler is also the founder of The Canna Consult Group and an owner of Grass Roots Ventures in Florida.

Throughout her time as a cultivator in Colorado she has helped to shape the rules and laws that currently regulate the industry. In 2010 when Feiler was one of the first Colorado cultivators she helped to train the first enforcement officers through the Marijuana Enforcement Division and helped develop the framework for their now online seed to sale tracking system called METRC. Many of the new Enforcement Officers used her Boulder cultivation facility for a training ground to see how things should be done to be prepared when inspecting new facilities. Later she worked with the Colorado Department of Agriculture in much the same way, allowing the CDA to come in and use her facility as a testing area, to create standard operating procedures for pesticide application, proper waste management, and allowed the CDA to use her Berthoud cultivation facility to film their informational video that is now distributed throughout all of Colorado for new cultivators to learn the right way to operate a Cannabis grow operation.

In 2016 Feiler was a top nominee for Leafbuyers 2016 Power List. In 2017 she was given the Top 30 Under 30 award by the Rooster Magazine which is the largest college focused publication in the state of Colorado and is distributed throughout the entire state.

Feiler’s Boulder store was also awarded with the Best of Boulder Dispensary award 6 out of the last 7 years by the Boulder Weekly and most recently won the Best New Recreational Dispensary award from the Boulder Weekly, a major Boulder news publication. The Berthoud dispensary has also won the Best of Berthoud awards and awards for the top Green Business in the state.

Feiler was a nationally ranked debater in high school and a finalist in the Miami Dade Mock Trials competition. Feiler was most notably the recipient of the first ever “Trail Blazer Award” given by High Times at the Inaugural Cannabis Business Summit in Washington in 2016. Feiler was recognized for her superior genetics boasting the “highest ever testing marijuana strain” the PrYmus which tested at 24.6% in the 2015 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup. The PrYmus was created in Green Tree’s state of the art grow facility located in Boulder, Colorado. Feiler was also recognized for her pioneering efforts in the positive creation of laws to effectively regulate the Cannabis Industry in Colorado.

Feiler has substantial knowledge and experience regarding growing, dispensing, extracting, marketing, and breeding Cannabis. She has used a variety of seed to sale tracking systems and has developed many of her own inventory control systems. Feiler has also spoken at many legislative sessions including many city council meetings to educate council members and effectively bridge the knowledge gap related to cannabis.

Feiler believes that Cannabinoids are the future of medicine and that many chronic pain issues and debilitating diseases may be treated and/or cured by cannabis medicines of the future. She has seen patients recover from seizures, tumors, cancers, opioid addiction and so much more with the use of Cannabis. She hopes to educate the world about the cannabis plant and all of its amazing properties.