Alexandra Grajeda, Goddess Grove Host

Art at ARISE Music Festival
Goddess Grove Host
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Alexandra Tilottama Darice Grajeda, is a Colorado native based out of Loveland. Tilo serves as a labor doula, community herbalist, visionary artist, women’s rights proactivist, and women’s circle keeper. Her life is nourished by the arts, and by stewardship towards Mother Earth and all who inhabit Her. Tilo lives by the belief that if one will support and inspire women, they are contributing to the uprising of the whole and holy planet. Her inspiration comes from the women of her community, who are also here to empower one another. Tilo has apprenticed under community herbalist and Celtic spirituality teacher, Tonja Reighley; held sacred circle with shamaness, ambien Ixeeya Beacher, and creatrix, Ahva Lenay; learns from the herbs of the wild, and holds ‘Wild Owl Woman’ circles with the local women of her community.

Workshop Name & Location:

Goddess Grove, 10 AM daily
The Goddess Grove offers itself as a sanctuary solely for all self-identified females at ARISE. It is a place of solace, celebration, and playfullness that may serve as your official camping ground, or a solid meeting point for groups and new friends. Every morning at 10 am, the grove will hold space for a Goddess circle where daily intentions are set, hearts can freely express, inspiration for a new day is sparked, and friends bond as sisters!
Allow the Goddess Grove to be your safe space for rest, rejuvenation, and the integration of your experiences, as we celebrate the Goddess that is you!”