Alexa Webster, Water Temple Host

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Water Temple Host
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Alexa, Creatress, Yogini, Student and Teacher, has committed to sharing the jewel-inlayed discoveries made by traversing the following paths: Para Yoga: Sri Vidya Tantra Tradition, Wisdom of the Earth: Plant & Tree Essences, Path of Pollen: Honeyed Ways of Woman and Crystalline Kingdom: Earth Mystery. Her offerings are a “Weaving of Worlds” in which one’s innately free-form grace is invited to move and explore alongside the linear tones of structure and strength. Essentially, an elemental journey of Fire & Water, unlocking hidden realms and empowering a deeper sense of embodiment and ritual within one’s life.

Workshop Name & Location:

Water as Our Essence/Body Prayer
Friday 12:00 -1:00 pm, Water Temple

Crystal and Flower Water Activation
Daily 10:00-10:45am