Alayna Adair, Women in Cannabis


Women in Cannabis Panel 

Alayna Adair 

Alayna, known as LaynieGanja on her self produced podcast and videos, is a cannabis educator, who a representative for The Growing Kitchen. The Growing Kitchen is an environmental sustainability leader in cannabis business. Located on a 25 acre farm in Boulder County, The Growing Kitchen is a cannabis manufacturing facility, with a probiotic farm with indoor and outdoor cannabis gardens, extraction lab, commercial kitchen, and boutique outlet store. The recent addition of probiotic soil medium makes The Growing Kitchen proud to be a carbon negative company. The marijuana and concentrates are whole-flower, sun-grown, probiotic, and pesticide-free and grown without the use of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or nutrients. In the kitchen, all culinary ingredients ingredients are organic, local, and sustainable. The mission of The Growing Kitchen is to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for local community, patients, visitors, and employees.