Advanced Suite

I am a Downtempo, House, Psychedelic-music producer……(scratch that) Im a music producer 😀 Scratch that! I create emotions and journeys, in some sort of space.
In my younger days I was influenced heavily by the house and underground techno scene. I fell in love with the people the atmosphere and most importantly the music. Over the years I grew my taste for music into numerous different styles of Electronic music, from House all the way to dubstep. Along with numerous different producer names from PJ Palone Jam Akerson, and Patrick Palone. Along my musical journey it became clear that I liked my music slower and trippy. settling in with the style of Downtempo Psychedelic and producer name Advanced Suite.
Join me in my journey through MY world of Psy-ce-del-ic Mus-ic.

Taking first in:
7 Remix competitions
5 Original song competitions.
Taking third place in:
3 Remix competitions
1 Original song competition

And receiving honorable mentions on
12 of my tracks

I recently released my second full length album “The Space Between Space”
Which can be heard and downloaded on band camp at