Women’s Supportive Camp Space

ARISE 2017 is offering Women’s Supportive Space! What will be known as the Goddess Grove is a supportive camping village for all self-identified women, who may be in need of non-judgmental support, or a relaxing place to come home to. To just BE. The space is for singles, as well as groups of women who are looking for more sisterly support and friendship throughout their time at the festival.

The Goddess Grove will share a main gathering area in the center of the grove, buy ambien fedex with a message board for communication and group gathering, as well as camping space inside of the grove’s perimeter. The grove not only provides a safe space for women, but also raises awareness of the necessary discussion that all women, every where, no matter what state or condition they are in, must be treated with respect. The brothers and sisters of ARISE are rising up to watch out for one another and stand up for the Goddess in all women.