Goddess Grove – Women’s Supportive Camping Space

The Goddess Grove offers itself as a sanctuary solely for all self-identified females at ARISE. It is a place of solace, celebration, and playfulness that may serve as your official camping ground, or a solid meeting point for groups and new friends.

Every morning at 10 am, the Grove will hold space for an ARISE Daily Women’s Group led by Ixeeya Lin, founder of Women’s Tent and the Healing Dance institute. It is Ixeeya’s passion to support every woman in sacred embodiment and women’s healing culture during the ARISE Festival through offering the ARISE Daily Women’s Group!

Each morning Ixeeya will guide a brief sacred embodiment practice to circulate and clear the mind and body to start fresh again. Then we open the circle to co- create sacred space, authentic heart sharing and intention setting to ground
and initiate each day in an inspired way together.

Allow the Goddess Grove to be your safe space for rest, rejuvenation, and the integration of your experiences, as we celebrate the Goddess that is you!

Hosted by:

Tilo Grajeda

Jordan McCallum

Ixeeya Lin