Aaron Perry


Aaron William Perry is an author, social entrepreneur and father. Perry provides executive consulting services to social and environmental impact businesses and organizations. Having founded and grown companies in the recycling, renewable energy and natural food spaces, he has particular expertise in agriculture, energy, supply chain transparency, management, financial modeling, capital raising and leadership. His background in philosophy, literature, sustainable development and permaculture makes Perry a deeply perspicacious and thoughtful leader, mentor and student at this particular point of inflection we face as a culture and species on planet buy ambien cr online no rx Earth.

Winter Wall is the founder of W3 Global Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in cultivating strategic partnerships and cross-sectoral collaborations for NGOs, private sector companies and government entities. She has lived and worked in six countries including Uganda, Rwanda,China, India, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia with mission-driven organizations and companies focused on community development, strategic partnerships and emergency relief. She has a Masters degree in International Development and Humanitarian Affairs from the University of Denver. She founded the Young Professional Board of the Third Way Center in Denver. She is currently working on her Master Nutrition Therapist degree from Nutrition Therapies Institute to integrate holistic healing into her community development efforts.