David Heskin


A lifelong artist, David Heskin began oil painting in 1995. His first 15 years with oils were largely self-guided, after which time he sought out teachers of artistic techniques that are on the brink of being lost. Many years later, having studied in three distinct and direct masterÕs lineages, his original work has become an integrated expression of this artistic trinity. With an artistic focus to elegantly fuse the richness of traditional symbolic themes with the innovative spirit of a modern renaissance man, David lives in service to drawing forth new visions that invite a wide audience to bask in the inspirational light of creativity.

DavidÕs paintings are inventive in their forms as he has taken his art far beyond the limitations of the status quo, into an altogether unprecedented realm. By devising techniques which allow his canvases to be constructed in nearly any shape, the form of the painting itself becomes suited to adequately fulfill the depth of his visions. In exploration of creative freedom through elegant forms and impossible angles, his driving aspiration is to create artifacts and visual experiences which are otherwise unavailable to the human eye.

In 2014 David and his wife, the artist Aloria Weaver, opened Luminous Flux Gallery + Studios in Colorado where they exhibit their work in the context of diverse solo and group exhibitions. There they teach regular intensives on traditional and innovative painting methods and techniques.

David HeskinÕs artwork is exhibited in museums, galleries, cultural centers, theaters and private collections throughout North America, Europe and beyond.