Alec Solimeo, Regenerating Communities Through Ethical Food Panelist



Regenerating Communities Through Ethical Food Panelist

Alec Solimeo 

Myself and family have been working hard to generate food for ourselves through becoming a part of a young local food movement, working against the norm to establish entrepreneurial ventures with homesteading in Western CO, running a agricultural consulting company for a couple years on the Front Range and then finding home here in this amazing valley. We are experienced ranchers and farmers and are currently running a successful herd of 70 cattle, 3.5 acres of annual vegetables, 15000 sq Ft year round Greenhouse, flock of 250 laying hens and a small pig and sheep herd. Motivated to feed our community of 60-200 here on the ranch and share the bounty outwardly in the name of regenerating the community connection between Ft Collins and Sunrise Ranch through farmers market and social media advertising. Or quite simply spreading the love. When we can toil within the winds and rains, carry ourselves in the hot and the cold, admire the earth and the sky and all relations within and without, beginning again to listen to the calling we are offered the chance at lifes renewal and the re-creation of a story, set in a place, in line with all ones.